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EcoTopia Design Studio was conceived as an idea to promote sustainable principles in stylish and elegant interiors. We are a full-service design company which specializes in residential and small commercial interiors. Our projects span from major remodeling to single room transformation and color consultation.

We believe that our surrounding can significantly impact the way we feel, operate and interact with others. As such, we aspire to materialize our customers’ visions by providing them with design solutions that make them feel “at home” regardless of their style preferences.

Our mission is to create aesthetically appealing, functional and livable spaces that not only address our client’s needs, lifestyle and budget, but also reflects our commitment to healthy living and to the environment. Without compromise, we bring together aesthetics, function and sustainable life style.

As part of our service, we will guide you through every aspect of the design process and help you make healthier choices; make it possible for you to have beautiful sustainable style.

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